5145.6 - Student Grievance Procedures (Title IX)

Policy 5145.6


Student Grievance Procedures (Title IX)

Designation of Responsible Employee

The Board of Education shall designate an individual as the responsible employee to coordinate school district compliance with Title IX and its administrative regulations.

The designee, the District’s Compliance Officer, shall formulate procedures for carrying out the policies in this statement and shall be responsible for continuing surveillance of district educational programs and activities with regard to compliance with Title IX and its administrative regulations.

The designee shall, upon adoption of this policy and once each academic year thereafter, notify all students and employees of the District of the name, office address and telephone number of the designee.  Notification shall be by posting and/or other means sufficient to reasonably advise all students and employees.

Grievance Procedure

Any student or employee shall have a ready means of resolving any claim of discrimination on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities of the District.  Grievance procedures are set forth in administrative regulations.

Dissemination of Policy

The Superintendent of Schools shall notify applicants for admission, students, parents/guardians of elementary and secondary school students, sources of referral of applicants for admission, employees and applicants for employment that it does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities which it operates and that it is required by Title IX and its administrative regulations not to discriminate in such a manner. The notification shall be made in the form and manner required by law or regulation.

Legal Reference:         20 U.S.C. 1681 – Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972

                                    34 C.F.R. Part 106 – Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972

Student Grievance Procedures

Any student may bring a grievance before a student grievance committee using the following procedures:

Purpose of Student Grievance Procedures

1.         To define the correct procedure for students to follow in resolving grievances.

2.         To allow students to come before a committee with peer representation.

3.         To secure at the lowest possible level an equitable solution to the problem for those parties involved with the grievance.

General Conditions

1.         Procedures described herein do not limit the right of any student having a problem to discuss it with the principal or any appropriate administrator without the assistance of the student grievance committee.

2.         The student must initiate definite action on the grievance within ten (10) days following the event or occurrence which gives rise to the grievance or it shall be considered waived.

3.         This procedure shall be used only when direct negotiation between parties involved would aggravate existing relationships.

4.         Failure at any level of a school district administrator or the Board of Education to submit a written decision within the specified time limits shall permit the aggrieved student to take said grievance to the next level.

            Failure by the student to take the grievance to the next level within the specified time limit shall be considered acceptance of the decision rendered at the particular level.

5.         Days indicated at each level should be considered as maximum, and every effort should be made to expedite the grievance process. Specified time limits may be extended by mutual written agreement of involved parties.

6.         Formal grievances and decisions shall be in writing.

7.         In the event a grievance is filed after June 1 of any year and this procedure will not allow for settlement prior to completion of the school year, all parties shall attempt to resolve the grievance within ten (10) weekdays of the event or occurrence.


1.         Level One.  The student takes up the grievance with the person immediately concerned.

            A.        In those cases where the student believes a relationship is already such that further contact with the other party can only make matters worse, he/she may complete a grievance identification form, obtained in the principal's office, and return it to the student grievance committee within five (5) days.

            B.        One committee member shall be assigned to contact the student. Within five (5) days, a grievance committee meeting will be held to render a validity judgment on the grievance. At this time the student will be advised by the committee as to whether he/she must make another effort to resolve the problem at level one or continue to level two.

2.         Level Two.  If the problem is not resolved at level one, the student may submit a formal grievance to the grievance committee.  The committee shall immediately refer the grievance to the appropriate administrator who will discuss the grievance with all parties involved, including parents of the student if necessary. The student may choose a committee representative to assist him/her in discussion.  Following the discussion, the administrator shall render a decision in writing to all parties involved within ten (10) days after receiving the grievance form.

3.         Level Three.  If the student is not satisfied at level two, the student may appeal to the Superintendent, or the Superintendent's designee, within five (5) days of receiving the written decision.  The Superintendent or designee will discuss the grievance with the parties including the parents of the student if necessary. The student may choose a representative of the committee to assist him/her in discussion. Following the discussion the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee shall render a written decision to the parties within ten (10) days of receiving the appeal.

4.         Level Four.  If the student is not satisfied with the decision at level three, within five (5) days of receiving the written decision, he/she may appeal to the Board of Education.  Within one (1) month of receiving the appeal, the grievance shall be placed on the agenda of a Board meeting and all involved parties notified of the meeting at which the grievance will be discussed. The student may choose a representative of the committee to assist him/her in discussion. Following the discussion and consideration, the Board of Education shall render a decision in writing to all parties involved.

5.         Level Five.  If the student and/or the student's parents wish to pursue the grievance, he/she must involve due process of the court system. The committee may assist the student's legal representative with any information regarding the grievance.

Committee Membership

1.         Three committee members from each grade level shall be appointed by the president of the student council.

2.         One of the three senior committee members shall be appointed chairperson by the president of the student council.

3.         The student members of the committee shall select two faculty members to participate on the committee.

4.         The faculty shall select two teachers to participate as committee members.

5.         An administrator shall be named by the school principal to act as a direct communications link to the committee. The administrator acts as a consultant in matters concerning administrative practice and procedure and shall have no voting powers and is not a committee member.

6.         The committee should reflect broad and diverse points of view, and, whenever reasonably possible, there should be some overlap of committee members to insure continuity.

“Days” as used in these regulations, shall mean days when school is in session. During vacation periods or summer months when school is not in session “days” shall mean calendar days other than Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Legal Reference:         U.S.O.E. Title IX (Final Title IX Regulation Implementing Education Amendments of 1972 Prohibiting Sex Discrimination in Education, eff. date 7/21/75 20 U.S.C. @ 1681 et seq.)

Regulation approved: December 15, 2020
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