4-101.1 - Procedures

Policy 4-101.1


The Superintendent shall recruit, select, and nominate the ablest and best qualified candidates available, using the criteria enumerated below.

  1. Recruitment activities will include wide contact with university, college, and private placement agencies and other resources as may be appropriate.
  2. A policy of non-discrimination shall be followed in the recruitment/ selection process on the basis of age, sex, creed, national origin, handicap, or other non-merit reasons.
  3. Announcements of vacancies shall follow procedures outlined in the current agreements with employee units.
  1. The Superintendent shall have overall supervision of the selection process.
  2. Sound instruction is enhanced by a qualified staff with a breadth of educational preparation and experience. Consideration should be given to a perception of the candidate's compatibility with Newtown's educational program. Every effort will be made to achieve this combination in staff selection.
  3. A candidate will preferably possess a grade point average within the 3.0-4.0 range in their teaching field or area of anticipated assignment.
  4. A candidate shall submit evidence of eligibility for Connecticut certification in the teaching field or area of anticipated assignment and provide undergraduate and graduate (where applicable) scholastic transcript(s) for review.
  5. Candidate interviews for non-central office certified positions shall be conducted by the building principal or appropriate administrator/supervisor with other members of the staff participating as may be determined. The Superintendent shall conduct the interviews of candidates for central office positions, principals, or assistant principals and may involve other members of the staff as may be determined.
  6. Interviews of the one nominee(s) recommended by the Superintendent for a central office position, principalship, or assistant principalship shall be arranged by the Superintendent with the Board of Education.

  1. Recommendations for all certified appointments that require Board of Education approval shall follow a standard format provided by the Superintendent's Office.
  2. If the Superintendent determines that the appointment of a desired candidate for any position except a central office position, principalship, or assistant principalship may be jeopardized by waiting for a Board meeting, he/she is authorized to employ that candidate and execute the employment contract. The Superintendent, at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, will give the Board the written hiring recommendation.

Reference: CGS 10-151(b), 10-153, 10-155f

Adopted 11/14/78
Modified 4/9/85, 7/12/88, 10/10/95
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