7-104 - Student Health Assessments and Medical Records

Policy 7-104


Subject to the provisions of Public Act 94-103, Section 10-206, the Board of Education shall require each student to have a health assessment either by a legally qualified practitioner of medicine or by the school medical adviser or a physician's assistant licensed pursuant to Chapter 370 or an advanced practice registered nurse or registered nurse licensed pursuant to Chapter 378 prior to initial public school enrollment at any grade level, as well as in grades six and nine. The State Statutes specify what a health assessment shall include and the procedure to be followed for an exemption based upon religious reasons.

All students whose parents or guardians meet the eligibility requirement for free and/or reduced price meals under the National School Lunch Program or for free milk under the special milk program shall be provided such health assessments without charge.  Parents or guardians who have extenuating circumstances which make them unable to use a private physician and are not covered by lunch guidelines may arrange through the Supervisor of Nurses for the school district to provide the physical examination. To fulfill this requirement, the Board of Education may utilize existing community services and resources.

Reference:  CGS 10-206

Adopted 10/13/70
Updated 5/24/77, 6/9/77, 1/11/83, 11/14/87, 12/10/91, 10/10/95, 11/12/96, 6/10/97, 11/13/01, 4/3/12
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