7-200.1 - K-8 Procedures

Policy 7-200.1


Daily Attendance Procedures

Teachers should take attendance at various times during the day, particularly on a period- by-period basis at the middle school level, where students change classes each period. If a student is not in class and is not listed as an absentee, this fact shall be reported to the responsible school official by the procedure established by the school administration.

Students must have verbal or written permission from an appropriate staff member authorized to grant a student's request to be somewhere other than the assigned place in school or on the school grounds.

When it has been determined that a student has left school grounds without authorized permission, the student's parent or guardian will be notified by telephone as soon as possible.


A student who reports late to school or is consistently late to school or class without acceptable reason shall be reported to the school administration. In such case, the student will be assigned the appropriate penalty by the administrator and the parents or guardian will be notified. Repeated tardiness may, at the discretion of the administrator, require a parental conference.

Adopted 12/11/84
odified 10/10/95

Permission to Leave School

Before administrative permission is given for a student to leave a school or school grounds, a written note from the parent or guardian should be presented to the building principal or designee. In emergency situations a telephone call from the parent or guardian may suffice. Students 18 years of age or older may sign themselves out.

When feasible and considered necessary, a telephone call may be made to the parent or guardian to determine the authenticity of the written request.

Written requests for permission to leave school early should be presented no later than the beginning of the school day.
To the extent possible, the school administrator or designee should require that the person who is to pick up the student should meet the student in the school office and present proper identification to the responsible school official before the release of the student.
This procedure is particularly important for students at the elementary school level or for other reasons of security.

Adopted 12/10/91
Modified 10/10/95
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