7-201 - High School Attendance Policy

Policy 7-201


Attendance Philosophy

In recommending the policy, the faculty of Newtown High School made the following statement:
The faculty of Newtown High School believes that learning experiences that take place in the classroom are meaningful and essential to the entire education process.

Absence from class represents an irretrievable loss in terms of opportunity for interaction and exchange of ideas among students and between students and teacher. Therefore, classroom attendance is an integral part of the student's course of study.

The purpose of the policy is to emphasize the importance of being in class and to decrease the number of absences from class and school.


Absence: In general, an absence occurs when a student is not present for the entire school day. 

Documented Absence: A documented absence occurs when a student is absent from one or more classes with parent/guardian consent. This consent must be communicated with the school for the absence to be documented.

The Appeals Board will consider the following categories of Documented Absences in its review of credit restoration:
  • serious illness, disabilities or handicapping condition
  • extraordinary family emergencies
  • educational reasons, including college visits
  • religious observations (see definition of Appeals Board below)
Undocumented Absence: An undocumented absence, i.e., truancy, occurs when a student is absent for the entire school day or part of a day without parental consent, or with parental consent when the school deems that consent not to be in the best interest of the student.

Appeals Board: The Appeals Board will review a student's losing class credit.  Loss of class credit will occur when a student has not attended a sufficient number of classes (see D. Loss of Class Credit).

The Appeals Board will be created and convened by the principal and made up of five members. There will be one member each from the faculty, staff,
administration, and student body, as well as one parent. All members will be appointed by the principal.

Class Cut: A class cut occurs when a student is present in school but absent from class for more than ten minutes without permission.  Permission must be obtained from a member of the faculty, staff, or administration.

Exemptions: School-approved field trips, including mentoring and job shadowing, as well as sports activities, i.e., State and league championships, are considered days in class.

Tardiness: Tardiness occurs when a student is late to class without permission. Permission must be obtained from a member of the faculty, staff, or
administration. (For lateness beyond ten minutes, see Class Cut above.)
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