7-406 - Inspection of School Property

Policy 7-406


School properties may be inspected by school authorities in the interest of maintenance, health, safety, and security. Lockers, though assigned to students, are school property and may reasonably be inspected. 

Inspections for the location of drugs, narcotics, liquor, weapons, poisons, and missing
property are matters relating to health and safety and may be regarded as reasonable purposes for inspection by school personnel.

Students are to be warned in advance (ordinarily at the beginning of the school year) that school lockers and/or desks used by students will be searched by the authorized school personnel if there is reason to believe that health, safety, or security may be in jeopardy. The authorized authority is the school principal, who may delegate the responsibility for search of lockers or desks to other employees of the board or to policemen and/or firemen if in his/her opinion circumstances demand such delegation.

Adopted 3/12/96
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