7-703.2 - Procedures For A School Employee To Report Child Abuse

Policy 7-703.2

1. If any employee has just cause to suspect that another employee is engaged in behavior that has or is causing physical (to include sexual abuse) or emotional harm to a student, that employee must report this information immediately to the principal.
2. Upon receipt of such information the principal must inform the Superintendent. The Superintendent and/or his designee shall initiate an investigation of the allegations.
3. If the investigation warrants, the Superintendent and/or his designee shall proceed as follows:
a. Contact the student's parents or guardian.
b. Submit an oral report to the Department of Children and Families and to the local police.
c. Submit a written report (CYS-136R) of such suspected abuse within seventy-two hours with the Department of Children and Families and the State Police Department.
4. The State Police and Department of Children and Families shall jointly conduct an investigation.
5. The Superintendent shall take appropriate action to protect the child.
6. The Superintendent may enforce appropriate disciplinary measures including suspension of the employee as set forth in due process procedures.
7.The Board of Education shall be fully informed and ratify such action.

Adopted 6/12/90
Modified 2/13/95,10/10/95
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