Policy 0200

Goals and Objectives

Goals of District 

The Newtown Board of Education believes that the effectiveness of the educational program of Newtown Public Schools is based upon an agreed-upon set of goals, high expectations, continuous improvement, quality of instruction and learning environment, and civic responsibility.

Goals for Newtown Public Schools include:

1.    Students develop and consistently demonstrate a skill set that includes problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and application of technology.

2.    In order to increase the quality of instruction and student knowledge, there needs to be a continuous process of evaluation of teaching and learning.

       For both staff and students, continuous evaluation includes:
•    Creating goals in collaboration with mentors
•    Defining timeframes by which goals will be completed
•    Defining measurement tools by which progress can be determined
•    Evaluating the effectiveness of goals and/or processes
3.    In order to support a continuous evaluation of teaching and learning and chart a course for the future of Newtown Public Schools:
•    A strategic plan will be developed and evaluated at least every five (5) years.
•    The Newtown Board of Education and the Superintendent will develop, publish and evaluate district goals on a yearly basis.
•    The capital project planning will include providing the required facilities and technological infrastructure to support the staff and student body.
4.    Clear and concise communication will keep the community informed of the successes experienced in the Newtown Public Schools.

5.    Communication outside of the town of Newtown will provide students an opportunity for a broader perspective and appreciation of global affairs.

6.    To create an environment of optimal safety and security for teaching and learning.

Policy adopted:    December 2, 2014    
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