5122 - Assigning Students To A Teacher and Classes in Grades K-12

Policy 5122


Assigning Students To a Teacher and Classes in Grades K-12

Each Building Principal and/or appropriate staff will have the responsibility and the authority for assignment of each student to his or her class and, therefore, his or her teacher with the best interests of the child in mind. Principals will not take requests to place children with particular teachers. The parent(s) is/are encouraged to consult with their Principal or designee in the spring prior to classroom assignments concerning the child's learning style, specialties and difficulties, and particular needs, personal or educational. Even when parent input is requested, final placement decisions are made by school staff.


Students transferring from a school accredited by a State Department of Education will enroll at the grade level and with the course credits indicated by the records of the previous school. Students transferring from a school that is non-accredited will be accepted for enrollment at the level school records indicate, but the level of mastery and the quality of their previous class work must be validated against the District’s performance standards and benchmarks.

Grades K-8

Previous work will be validated for K-8 students by successfully completing the grade in which they enroll. If upon enrollment, it appears that the student is not able to handle the assigned level after 20 school days, the school psychologist or other qualified person will evaluate the student by a written and/or oral examination. The psychologist, building principal, teachers, and parents involved will meet to determine the appropriateness of the placement of the student.

Grades 9-12

Transfer From an Accredited School

A student transferring from an accredited school must complete all Newtown High School graduation requirements in order to participate in the commencement exercises. Any transferred second-semester senior may arrange with his/her former school to receive a diploma.

Transfer from a Non-accredited School (Including Home-Schooling)

Previous high school work will be validated for a 9-12 student by successfully completing a placement assessment for every unit/course completed in a non-accredited high school or home-schooling (i.e. successful completion of the placement assessment of mathematics) would validate the mathematics credit being transferred. If the placement assessment does not validate the credit, similar or equivalent work will be evaluated at the discretion of the Principal.

Transfer from a Non-accredited School (Including Home-Schooling)

(cf. 5122.3 – Assignment of Former Home-Schooled Students to Classes)
(cf. 5123 – Promotion/Retention)
(cf. 6146 – Graduation Requirements)
(cf. 6172.3 – Home Schooling)

Legal Reference:         Connecticut General Statutes
10-221(b) Boards of education to prescribe rules

Policy adopted:  April 2, 2019                                         
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