9272 - Code of Conduct on Data Use

Policy 9272

Bylaws of the Board

Code of Conduct on Data Use

As a guide to the appropriate use of data in the decision-making process, Board members should:
  1. Request information and data gathered by District staff that helps the Board members make better-informed decisions about policies affecting student achievement district-wide.
  2. Look to the Superintendent as the point person. The Superintendent will respond to all data requests to the Board as a whole. If the Superintendent finds the data request will take a considerable amount of staff time, the Superintendent will communicate with the Board Chair. The Board will then direct the Superintendent on how to proceed with the request.
  3. Use data to represent all of the Board member’s constituents honestly and equally and refuse to surrender the Board member’s responsibilities to special interest or partisan political groups.
  4. Avoid using the Board position, and the information data supplies as a result of Board membership, for personal gain.
  5. Recognize that decisions can be made only by a majority vote at a Board meeting after everyone on the Board has had adequate time to review all the data and information.
  1. Respect the confidentiality of privileged information.
  1. Abide by majority decisions of the Board, while retaining the right to seek changes through ethical and constructive channels.

Adopted: 6/5/12
Revised: 11/19/19

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