3281 - School Fund Raisers

Policy 3281

Business/Non-Instructional Operations

School Fund Raisers

It is the responsibility of the Board to control fund-raising activities which involve the students in the Newtown Public Schools.

Any school-based organizations, including parent/teacher groups and organizations, wishing to engage in a fund-raising activity, must have prior approval from the school Principal.

The following guidelines shall apply when a school Principal considers a fund-raising activity for approval:
•    The gift or donation for which the fund-raiser is held shall be of sufficient benefit to the school and/or students to justify the fund-raising activity.
•    The mechanics and procedures for fund-raising shall not be an unacceptable burden to school staff members nor subject the school to any significant risks or responsibilities in handling funds.
•    Fund-raisers which involve students through their class, school club or group shall be supervised by an adult (per policy 1212) who, along with the school Principal, accepts the responsibility for the mechanics and procedures of the fund-raiser.
•    The number of fund-raising activities per school year shall not be excessive, and shall be appropriate to the school environment.
•    Requests for fund-raising activities shall be directed to the office of the school Principal on the appropriate form (1324) for approval. The school Principal shall maintain a copy of all request forms and forward a copy of approved request forms to the Office of the Superintendent.
(cf. 1212 – Community Relations – School Volunteers)
(cf. 1324 – Fund Raising In and For the Schools)

Policy adopted:    April 4, 2017    
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