8-702 - Career Education

Policy 8-702


The preparation of all our students for the many diversified careers and occupations that exist in our dynamic and changing society should include career education experiences extending from their early primary educational years and continuing throughout their secondary education years.

In order to provide this opportunity for all our students, the Board of Education will support curricular programs to achieve the following goals:
1. To establish opportunities for all students to develop self-awareness and self- direction, to expand their occupational awareness and aspirations, and to develop appropriate attitudes concerning the personal and social significance of work.

2. To enable students to achieve competency in the academic skills that are essential for (1) the job market, (2) vocational or technical institutions, and (3) two- or four-year college programs.

3. To enhance the student's capacity to develop knowledge and understanding concerning:
a. self-awareness (interests, abilities, and personality)
b. positive attitudes (traits needed for job success)
c. social awareness (human relations needed for job success)
d. career/occupational information
e. decision making skills for career or occupation choices
f. specialized vocational or educational preparation related to various occupations and careers
4.To develop an education system that promotes greater utilization and coordination of our  community resources.

Modified 10/10/95
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