2135 - Director of Pupil-Personnel Services

Policy 2135


Director of Pupil-Personnel Services

A.        Qualifications
  1. The Director of Pupil-Personnel Services shall have earned a Connecticut Intermediate Certificate.
  2. Such Director of Pupil-Personnel Services, subject the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, shall be charged with the following duties:
B.    Duties
  1. To be responsible to the Superintendent of Schools for all organization, administration, and supervision of the K-12 Special Education Program and students who qualify for a formally legislated 504 Individualized Plan.
  2. To have the powers necessary for executing the policies of the Board and for enforcing administrative rules and regulations determined by the Superintendent of Schools.
  3. To be responsible for the educational procedures and process within the K-12 Special Education Program, and for all records and reports concerned thereto, in accordance with the policies, rules and regulations prescribed by the Board of Education, and the state/federal statutes.
  4. To keep the Superintendent of Schools informed through the use of routine reports, meetings and by other means of communications as may be deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools.  Exceptional conditions and activities existing or occurring shall be reported immediately.
  5. To conduct educational surveys dealing with Special Education.
  6. To make recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools for the recruitment, selection and assignment of Special Education personnel.
  7. To be responsible for maintaining good public relations with the community.
  8. To write supervisory reports on Special Education personnel at least once a year, or as directed by the Superintendent of Schools.
  9. To be responsible for fully utilizing the community’s resources for enriching the Special Education Program.
  10. To be responsible for coordinating the administration of K-12 guidance services.
  11. To be responsible for requisitioning supplies, textbooks, equipment and all materials necessary to the operation of the Special Education Program.
  12. To serve as the designated Chairperson of the Pupil Planning Team for the District.
  13. To prepare the agenda: schedule meetings of the Pupil Planning Team; assure that the mandated members are in attendance at each meeting and that the parent of the child to be discussed is invited.
  14. To supervise the K-12 Testing Program, and arrange for the transmittal of all necessary test results and data to the schools and Pupil Planning Team.
  15. To insure that parents are notified of Pupil Planning Team recommendations and afforded an opportunity to present information to the P/PT.
  16. To arrange for transmittal of Pupil Planning Team recommendations to all appropriate parties.
  17. To follow up on Pupil Planning Team recommendations to all appropriate parties.
  18. To schedule conciliatory meetings of the Pupil Planning Team on the handicapped with parents who disagree with PPT recommendations.
  19. To process appeals from recommendations of the Pupil Planning Team.
  20. To insure that an annual review is made of the status of each exceptional child.
  21. To arrange for representatives of the Pupil Planning Team to visit public special education programs and approved private programs in the district and preparing reports on the adequacy of these programs for the Superintendent of Schools.
  22. To insure that the Pupil Planning Team assists in local Birth to Three activities.
  23. To insure that the Pupil Planning Team recommendations are transmitted to classroom teachers to assist in the development of Individualized Educational Programs.
  24. To insure that a register of all handicapped children who live in the District is maintained and update annually.
  25. To employ accepted principles of administration and high professional standards while working cooperatively with the teaching staff for the best interests of the children.
  26. To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.

Policy adopted: July 30, 2015    
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