2151 - Hiring School Administrators

Policy 2151


Hiring School Administrators 

The Board of Education will appoint qualified persons to all administrative positions in the School System, based on recommendations made by the Superintendent.

The appointment of all administrators is valid only when made in such a manner, and the Superintendent will submit his/her recommendations to the Board in writing if so requested.  The Board will accept or reject the Superintendent's recommendation at a regular or special Board meeting not later than thirty-five (35) calendar days from their submission. (If more than one candidate is available for nomination, for any supervisory or administrative position, the Superintendent shall submit a list and may place the candidates in the order in which the Superintendent recommends them.)  If the Board should reject the Superintendent's nomination, she/he will make another recommendation to the Board.  The Board shall accept or reject such nominations not later than one month from their submission.

At the time of deciding to fill a vacant administrative position, the Board will determine whether the full Board, a committee of the Board or appropriate administrators will interview finalists for the position.

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
    10-151(b) Employment of teachers. Definitions. Tenure, etc. (as amended by P.A. 12-116, An Act Concerning Education Reform)

Policy adopted: July 30, 2015    
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