4-501.1 - Leave Provisions For Per Diem Substitutes

Policy 4-501.1

Leave Provisions for Per Diem Substitutes

Per diem substitute teachers, regardless of the duration of a particular assignment, will not be entitled to sick leave or any other type of leave. No pay shall be awarded for any day absent.

Long-Term Substitute Teachers

A substitute teacher may be employed by the Superintendent, subject to approval by the Board of Education, during the school year for the regular teacher whose absence will extend beyond thirty (30) days for extenuating reasons. The substitute's appointment, however, may not extend beyond the current school year. The long-term substitute will be employed at the appropriate step on the current salary schedule commensurate with
training and experience.

Long-Term Leave Provisions

Long-term substitute teachers will be entitled to sick leave awarded at the rate of one- and- one-half days per month, credited on the first working day of each month. Such leave may be accumulated month by month for the duration of continued employment in the position for which the substitute was hired. Such leave accumulation shall revert to zero upon completion of the substitute teaching assignment and may not be applied toward other assignments or to regular teaching service.

No other types of leaves shall be available to substitute teachers, except leave without pay.

Adopted 2/9/71
Updated 1/25/77, 10/10/95
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