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Mission of the Newtown Public Schools

The Mission of the Newtown Public Schools, a partnership of students, families, educators, and community is to INSPIRE EACH STUDENT TO EXCEL, in attaining and applying the knowledge, skills and attributes that lead to personal success while becoming a contributing member of a dynamic global community. To achieve this goal, which is a responsibility shared by the Board of Education, staff, students, parents, and community, we subscribe to the following tenets:
  1. that our obligation is to help students mature into independent, reasoning, and responsible individuals who can adapt constructively to an ever-changing, global society;
  2. that this obligation can be accomplished by challenging students and staff to perform at their highest capabilities;
  3. that students will best attain these capabilities if their unique needs, interests, strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds, learning styles, and range of scholastic and creative abilities are acknowledged;
  4. that students need to develop self-esteem, an appreciation of the worth of others, a joy in learning, and a desire and willingness to achieve a standard of excellence commensurate with their abilities;
  5. that students need to develop a respect for the earth’s unique and diverse human and natural resources;
  6. that the schools must convey to students the purpose of the educational program and help them to understand that they must share responsibility for its success;
  7. that the curriculum will provide comprehensive programs and a range of instructional strategies to meet the requirements of students with varied backgrounds, abilities, aspirations, and needs, and that this curriculum will be evaluated periodically to ensure that it does so;
  8. that the schools actively will seek community support and involvement through close communication and cooperation;
  9. that our educational aim will best be achieved in an atmosphere of mutual respect, concern, and support;
  10. that in the final analysis, we are all to be accountable for the present and the future success of the Newtown Public Schools.
  11. it’s our responsibility to employ qualified staff and provide appropriate supervision, evaluation, and training for the continual improvement and updating of skills and knowledge;
  12. it’s our responsibility to work with elected officials at the local, state and national levels to insure sufficient financial support.

Policy adopted: December 2, 2014
Inspiring Each Student to Excel

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