2137 - Athletic Director

Policy 2137


Athletic Director

The athletic director is an individual responsible for administering the athletic program of Newtown High School under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education (Board).  The supervision of athletic coaches is the responsibility of the athletic director. The athletic director shall works with other administrators in the development and monitoring of all athletic/physical education related programs.

Note:    An “athletic coach” means any person holding a coaching permit issued by the State Board of Education hired by the Board of Education to coach a sport for a sport season as part of intramural or interscholastic athletics for a school or school district.


Two levels of athletic director qualifications exist, one for school director and one for school district director. Both standards apply to those hired on or after October 1, 2013.

A school athletic director must hold a State Board of Education (SBE)-issued coaching permit and a (1) state teaching certificate or (2) national athletic administrators’ association-issued certificate, as approved by the State Department of Education (SDE).

A school district director must hold a SBE-issued coaching permit and a (1) state teacher’s certificate with an intermediate administrator and supervisor endorsement or (2) national athletic administrators association-issued master certificate, as approved by SDE.

Any director responsible for evaluating coaches who are certified teachers, administrators, or other certified school staff must hold a state teacher’s certificate with an intermediate administrator and supervisor endorsement.

School or school district athletic directors hired before October 1, 2013, who do not meet the standards listed above can continue to serve in their current positions if they meet the current director qualifications stated in State Department of Education regulations. The regulations require (1) nonsupervisory directors at a school to hold a coaching permit, (2) supervisory directors at a school to hold a permit and teacher’s certificate, and (3) district directors or directors who evaluate certified staff to hold a teacher’s certificate with an endorsement for intermediate administration or supervision. Note:    The Board of Education is prohibited from hiring a person “grandfathered” in at another district for its district, unless the person can meet the standards listed for hiring after October 1, 2013.
Duties of the Athletic Director (School or District)

The responsibilities of a school or district athletic director include the following:

1.    Ensuring that each athletic coach in the athletic program holds a SBE-issued coaching permit;
2.    Supervising and annually evaluating athletic coaches, according to the provisions of P.A.13-41;
3.    Supervising students participating in interscholastic athletics;
4.    Possessing knowledge and understanding of the governing authority for interscholastic athletics and the related rules and regulations;
5.    Administering and arranging the scheduling of and transportation to athletic activities and events;
6.    Administering and arranging the hiring of officials;
7.    Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all athletic activities and events; and
8.    Any other duties relevant to the organization and administration of the athletic program for the school or school district.
9.    End of year review will be submitted to the Board at the end of the year.

(cf. 4115.3 – Evaluation of Coaches)

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
P.A. 13-41 An Act Concerning Hiring Standards for Athletic Directors

10-222e Policy on evaluation and termination of athletic coaches (as amended by P.A. 13-41)

10-149 Qualifications for coaches of intramural and interscholastic athletics coaches (as amended by P.A. 13-41)

Policy adopted: July 30, 2015    
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