1112.6 - Photographs, Broadcasting, or Videotaping Special School Activities

Policy 1112.6

Community Relations

Photographs, Broadcasting, or Videotaping Special School Activities

The taking of photographs, radio broadcasting, or videotaping to feature a special school activity or event may be permitted provided that it does not lead to an undue interference with the regular school program.  Such photography, broadcasting, or videotaping shall be subject to clearance with and approval of the Superintendent of Schools.  This policy does not pertain to routine news reporting or publicizing school events.

Photographs, broadcasting, or videotaping that may serve as an advertisement or endorsement of a commercial product may not be authorized unless approved by the Board of Education.

When an individual student(s) will be the focus of feature stories, broadcast, or videotaping, special permission must be received by the Principal in writing from the parent or guardian before the student may participate.

Policy adopted: May 5, 2015                                          
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EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2015
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