2001 - Participatory Management

Policy 2001


Participatory Management


The Board of Education is committed to excellence in teaching, student, achievement, community involvement, and general operations throughout the school district. The Board believes the optimum way in which this commitment may be achieved is through the cooperative use of the talent and wisdom of all of the employees of the district. The Board encourages programs of employee involvement, participatory problem solving and decision making processes. Specifically, participatory management shall be understood to be management which:
1.    Encourages participation and creativity among staff.
2.    Builds commitment to shared goals.
3.    Structures employee involvement so employees are routinely involved in decisions which affect them and sets a high priority on advocating
       those ideas.
4.    Develops a strong sense of trust and collegiality among all staff in the pursuit of excellence for the district.

Therefore, all supervisory personnel including principals, assistant principals, department heads, directors, Assistant Superintendent and the Superintendent shall be expected to create and maintain a work environment that encourages employee participation, enhances communications within the district, promotes the general welfare of students and the morale of staff. All employees are called upon to work cooperatively and openly in pursuit of our common goal of excellence.

Policy adopted: July 30, 2015    
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