3121 - Approval of the Budget/Delivery to Fiscal Authority

Policy 3121

Business and Non-Instructional Operations

Approval of the Budget/Delivery to Fiscal Authority

Not later than February 14th, as defined in the Town of Newtown Charter, in such form and with such supporting data as the Board of Finance shall require, the Board of Education shall submit to the Board of Finance an itemized estimate of expenditures proposed for the maintenance of Town public schools and an itemized estimate of all revenue other than Town appropriations to be received by the Board of Education for its use during the next fiscal year.

The Board of Education (Board) recognizes that the town’s fiscal agency that receives such estimate shall, not later than ten days after the date the Board submits such estimate, make spending recommendations and suggestions to the Board as to how the Board may consolidate non-educational services and realize financial efficiencies. The Board may accept or reject the suggestions of the Board of Finance, Board of Selectman or appropriating authority with a written explanation of the reason for any rejection.

Prior to the final adoption of the budget by the Legislative Council, the Board of Education may amend the budgets originally submitted to the Board of Finance.  Such amended item or items, if approved, by the Board of Finance, shall be considered part of the original budgets and be submitted to the Legislative Council for approval subject to the provisions of the Town of Newtown Charter.

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
            10-222 Appropriations and budget 
            Charter, Town of Newtown, 2008, 6-11

Policy adopted: April 4, 2017    
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