1100 - Communication Protocol for Parents - Dispute Resolution

Policy 1100

Community Relations

Communication Protocol for Parents – Dispute Resolution

The following guidelines are established so that students and/or parents may bring concerns to the attention of the most appropriate parties and have a process by which issues may be expressed, considered, and resolved.
  1. When a concern emanates from a classroom situation, students or parents should first discuss it with the teaching staff member most directly involved.  Any of the parties may request that the Principal attend that meeting.
  2. If the parties concerned feel that the discussion has not led to a satisfactory conclusion, they may proceed to discuss the matter with the building Principal in an attempt to reach an amicable conclusion.
  3. Matters not satisfactorily resolved at the school level may be appealed to the Superintendent.  The appeal should be in writing and specify the nature of the problem.
  4. When a decision is communicated by the Superintendent and is not deemed satisfactory by the parties involved, they may request a review of the decision by the Board of Education.  Such request shall be submitted in writing.  A committee of the Board of Education shall, through a fact finding process, review the Superintendent’s decision.  The committee shall report the results of its fact finding and recommend appropriate action to the Board.  The Board of Education shall render a written decision in a timely manner.

Legal Reference:         Connecticut General Statutes
1-200 – 1-241 Public records and meeting
10-220 Duties of boards of education

Policy adopted: May 5, 2015                                          
NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Newtown, Connecticut
EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2015

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