5145.21 - Middle School/High School Student Governance

Policy 5145.21

Middle School/High School Student Governance

The purpose of a student council - through representation of the student body – will enable pupils to:
  1. Participate in or manage extracurricular affairs;
  2. Develop student responsibility, initiative, leadership, and school pride;
  3. Promote the welfare of the school through proper student-faculty relationships;
  4. Promote citizenship training;
  5. Promote general welfare;
  6. Provide a channel for pupil expression in the internal administration of the school; and
  7. Furnish a working model of government.

The school staff shall assist the student council in drafting and implementing constitution, charter, or compact whereby students shall have designated duties, powers, and authority limited only by the general policies of the board and due process.

Policy adopted: 3/12/96

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