1240 - Citizen Assistance to School Personnel

Policy 1240

Community Relations

Citizen Assistance to School Personnel

One of the greatest resources for a school is to be found in the people of the community who have special knowledge and particular talents to contribute to the school program. Therefore, it is most important to build up the idea in the community that many adults in it have something in their experiences, understandings or philosophies that may make contributions to the program of the schools.

The Board of Education encourages the use of community resources and citizens to assist in furthering the educational program. Use of outside personnel and resources will be under regulations approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

Each principal will study the needs of his/her individual school, survey the resources available in his/her school community, weigh their probable usefulness, and then present to the Superintendent any plans the Principal may develop for using those community resources. The Superintendent should consider all such plans both on their merits and on their implications if they were to be carried out by other schools in the district.

Periodic reports will be made to the Board about such citizen assistance.

Policy adopted: May 5, 2015                                          
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