3541.51 - Transportation - Procedure for Transportation Hearings

Policy 3541.51

Business/Non-Instructional Operations


Procedure for Transportation Hearings

The Board of Education will follow the provisions of existing statute, Section 10-186, and the provisions of Sections 4-177 through 4-180, inclusive of the Connecticut General Statutes (Uniform Administrative Procedure Act) in conducting a hearing for a resident petitioner who alleges that his/her child or children, enrolled in grades K-12, has been illegally or unreasonably deprived of school accommodations, particularly transportation.

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
            4-177 Contested cases. Notice. Review

            4-178 Evidence in contested cases.

            4-179 Proposal for decision. Procedure. Waiver.

            4-180 Final decision to be rendered within ninety days.

Policy adopted:    April 4, 2017    
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