6111 - School Calendar



School Calendar

The school calendar shall show the beginning and ending dates of school, legal and local holidays, meeting days, number of teaching days, vacation periods, and other pertinent dates.

The Board of Education may operate schools on state holidays providing a suitable nonsectarian educational program is held to observe the holiday, except for those holidays that occur in December and January.

The Superintendent shall recommend to the Board of Education a school calendar that will meet the requirements of the law as well as the needs of the community, students, and personnel.

The Board of Education may declare a holiday in the schools under its jurisdiction when good reason exists.
Note:   A Board of Education for a school that has been designated as a low achieving school pursuant to subdivision (1) of subsection (c) of C.G.S. 10-223e may increase the number of actual school sessions during each year, and may increase the number of hours of actual school work per session in order to improve student performance and remove the school from the list of schools designated as a low achieving school maintained by the State Board of Education.

The Board of Education may use the RESC developed and approved uniform regional school calendar, for the school year commencing July 1, 2017 and each school year thereafter.

The Board of Education may establish for any school year a firm high school graduation date which is no earlier than the one hundred eightieth day noted in the school calendar originally adopted by the Board for that school year.

The Board of Education may develop and adopt its own school calendar to begin school on any day before or after Labor Day.

Legal Reference:             Connecticut General Statutes
1-4 Days designated as legal holidays.
10-15 Towns to maintain schools
10-29a Certain days to be proclaimed by governor.  Distribution and number of proclamations.
10-261 Definitions.
10-16l Establishment of graduation date.
10-66q Development and adoption of uniform regional school calendar. Report.
PA 22-47 An Act Concerning Children’s Mental Health
PA 22-128 An Act Establishing Juneteenth Independence Day as a Legal Holiday

Adopted: October 17, 2023                                                   

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