9325.4 - Vote Recording/Maintaining Minutes

Policy 9325.4

Bylaws of the Board

Vote Recording/Minutes

Vote Recording

The votes of each member of the Board upon any issue before any regular, special or emergency session meeting of the Board shall be reduced to writing and made available for public inspection within 48 hours, (excluding any Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday for votes or minutes of special and emergency special meetings) and shall also be recorded in the minutes of the session at which taken, which minutes shall be available for public inspection as noted below.


The Recording Secretary of the Board of Education shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Board. Copies of the proceeding shall be made for distribution to the Board members with the agenda for the next regular meeting. The official minutes of the Board of Education meetings and the master copy of the policy manual shall be kept in the central office. Minutes shall be made available to the public for inspection within seven days after each meeting. The votes or minutes of a special meeting shall be made available to the public for inspection within seven days after each such meeting, excluding any Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. The minutes of any emergency special meeting shall specify the nature of the emergency and shall be available within 72 hours of the meeting.

Maintaining the Minutes

The minutes of meetings of the Board of Education shall be maintained as outlined below:

1.    Content -- Board of Education procedure
A.    The date, place, and type of meeting
B.    Members present and members absent, by name
C.    Call to order, and opening ceremony
D.    Arrival of tardy members by name and time
E.    Departure of members by name before adjournment, or if absent when any agenda items are acted upon
F.    Record of written notice of special meetings
G.    Records of items of business to be considered at future regular or special meetings

2.    Content - Board of Education  Actions
A.    Approval or amended approval of the minutes of preceding meetings

B.    Complete information as to each subject of the Board of Education's deliberations

C.    Complete information as to each subject including the roll call record of the vote on a motion if not unanimous

D.    All Board of Education resolutions in complete context, numbered serially for each fiscal year

E.    A record of all contracts entered into

F.    All employment decisions.

G.    A record of all bid procedures, including calls for bids authorized, bids received, and other action taken

H.    Adoption of the annual budget

I.    Financial reports, including collections received and deposited, and sales of personal property, as presented to the Board of Education each month

J.    A record of the Superintendent's reports to the Board

K.    Adoption of all policies and bylaws, and approval of regulations as required

L.    A record of all delegations appearing before the Board

M.    Adoption of the annual school calendar

N.    Approval of job descriptions for each employee

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
1-225 Meetings of government agencies, as amended by June 11 Special Session, PA 08-3

10-218 Election of officers.

10-224 Duties of the secretary.

Adopted: 6/5/12
Revised: 1/7/2020
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