9010 - Limits of Authority

Policy 9010

Bylaws of the Board

Limits of Authority

The responsibility of individual Board members is one of trust to the Board and to the District. This trust can best be upheld when relationships are established with regard to the Board, administration, staff and citizenry. Such relationships as established by the Board are as follows:
  1. Board member’s primary responsibility is to serve the District as a member of the Board of Education whose authority is derived from its compliance with statutory requirements, and its bylaws, policies and regulations. As an individual, Board member’s legal authority exists at such time the Board is in session.
  2. Individual Board members shall be granted authorization to conduct Board business upon Board approval. Such authorization will be with regard to such matters as, but not restricted to, educational needs, facility needs, transportation, budget preparations, negotiations, and those matters pertaining to the function of a standing committee or the responsibility of an officer of the Board.
  3. Personnel records other than those made available to the entire Board by the Superintendent of Schools shall not be made available to individual Board members unless it is appropriate and necessary in order to fulfill specific responsibilities set forth by the Board.
  4. Board members shall exercise respect in those matters pertaining to the responsibilities of the Superintendent of Schools whose authority for administering the educational program and conducting school business is vested in his/her office and his/her professional and non-professional staff.
  5. Board members shall uphold the position that they are without legal authority outside of meetings of the Board and shall conduct their relationships with school staff, district citizens and all media of communication on the basis of this fact.

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
10-220 Duties of boards of education.

10-232 Restrictions on employment of members of the board of education.

Adopted: 4/10/12
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