1314 - Fund-Raising and Solicitation

Policy 1314/1324
Community Relations

Fundraising and Solicitation

Fundraising shall be authorized under conditions that do not conflict with instructional programs.  Fundraising refers to the raising of non-appropriated funds for the educational benefit of students and their school funds.

Fundraising shall be permitted by Kindergarten through 12th grade students, provided such activities are approved in writing and carefully monitored and regulated by the school Principal or a designee.

Each Principal shall develop and maintain a list of all approved fundraising activities and report all activities to the Superintendent pursuant to procedures issued by the Superintendent.

Annually, the Superintendent will furnish the School Board with an up-to-date listing of all fundraising activities being conducted by the school district.

No organization or individual shall solicit funds, sell memberships, articles or in any other way collect or seek to collect money from the employees of the school system except with the approval of the Board of Education.

Athletics 7-12

Fundraising will take place only after the team roster has been finalized within the present school year with the following exception:
  • Teams that do not have Board of Education budget support for coaching, transportation or officials are the only teams allowed to fundraise with no restrictions.
  • Students shall not be required to participate in a fundraising activity as a condition for belonging to a team or group, nor shall a student’s participation or lack thereof affect his/her play time or standing on said team or group.
  • Teams that did not cut during the previous two seasons are allowed to fundraise with no restrictions.

Parent Teacher Associations and Booster Clubs are not regulated by this policy as they stand outside School Board jurisdiction. 

Policy adopted:  May 5, 2015, Effective:  July 1, 2015                  
Policy revised:  April 5, 2016, March 7, 2017                             

Policy 1324
Community Relations

Fundraising and Solicitation

Guidelines Pertaining to 7-12 Athletics:
  • No freshmen are permitted to fundraise until the team is chosen.
  • It is understood and made clear that no student-athlete will be compelled or coerced to fundraise.
Regulation approved:  April 5, 2016                              
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Regulation revised:  March 7, 2017                                   
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