3541.21 - Transportation - Responsibilities and Duties of Board of Education

Policy 3541.21

Business/Non-Instructional Operations


Responsibilities and Duties of Board of Education

The Board of Education shall comply with state law by providing reasonable transportation for school children.

Negotiations for the bus contract shall be delegated to the Superintendent or his/her designee, except that an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board may be appointed, if requested by the Chairperson or Superintendent, to aid in negotiations. Final selection of the bus contractor will be made by the Board of Education.

Bus contracts may be for a maximum period of five years.

When specifications for bus contracts are drawn up, the age of buses that are to be used shall be specified.

The Board may award bus contracts to one or more contractors.

(cf. 3541 – Transportation)

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
            10-186 Duties of local and regional boards of education
            10-220 Duties of boards of education
            14-275 Equipment and color of school buses
            14-275a Use of standard school bus required, when.
            14-275b Transportation of handicapped students.
            14-275c Regulations re school buses and motor vehicles used to transport special education students.
            14-276a (c) Town/school district may require its school bus operators to have completed a safety training course.
            14-280 Letters and signals to be concealed when not used in transporting children.  Signs on other vehicles.
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Policy adopted:    April 4, 2017    
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