3523.1 - Policy Guidelines for Technology Purchases

Policy 3523.1

Business/Non-Instructional Operations

Acquisition and Updating of Technology

Policy Guidelines for Technology Purchases

Because of the district's interest in technology and the need to engage in thoughtful planning prior to purchase, the following policy guidelines have been established. Prior to purchase these guidelines are to be reviewed.

1.    Considerations
    a.    The most important criteria for selection of technology are the needs and objectives of the site where technology will be used.
    b.    Equipment and software decisions shall be the result of comparisons and study of the products from a variety of the vendors.
    c.    Staff involvement in planning before purchase and in-service programs after purchase shall be considered.
    d.    When applicable, purchases in partnership with the Town should be considered.
    e.    A fiscal analysis should be completed on the lease versus purchase option and purchase decision should be made accordingly.

2.    Procedures
    a.    Establish needs and objectives
  1. Software selection and evaluation shall be weighed carefully in light of available technology and projected replacement hardware.
  2. Hardware purchases shall be the result of consultations with other professionals, demonstration programs, consistency and compatibility with district needs.
  3. With a purchase of hardware/software that is new to the district, available training from vendors shall be reviewed.
  4. Consolidation of purchases shall be planned to insure a more favorable price or bid.

Legal Reference:    Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) Educational Technology Plan

Policy adopted:    April 4, 2017  
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