4111/4211 - Recruitment and Selection

Policy 4111/4211

Personnel ‑‑ Certified/Non-Certified

Recruitment and Selection

The Board of Education (Board) believes in recruiting and employing the best certified and non-certified talent available and believes that those who are most familiar with the needs of our classrooms and schools and who are also most knowledgeable about the skills and expertise needed are the ones best able to recruit and identify such talent. Therefore, the board authorizes the Superintendent or his/her designee(s) to recruit and hire the district’s non-administrative certified and non-certified staff.

Further, the Board recognizes the importance of the contributions provided by a diverse workforce. Therefore, the Board believes it is important that diversity be recognized in the recruitment, hiring, promotion and assignment of personnel. The administration shall be responsible for establishing fair and sound recruitment, selection and appointment procedures that abide by the Board’s Equal Employment Opportunity (P4111.1/4211.1) and Plan for Minority Recruitment and Selection (P4111.3/4211.3) policies.

On the application form, an applicant for such a position in the school district shall disclose any previous relationship with the Superintendent or any administrator or Board member. Previous relationships will include any business, financial, personal, political or family connections. Prior to hiring a candidate, the superintendent will inform the Board of any such relationship

 (cf. 4115 – Evaluation)

Legal Reference:        Connecticut General Statutes
                                    10-151 Employment of teachers. Notice and hearing on termination of contract (as amended by P.A.
                                    12-116 An Act Concerning Educational Reform)
                          10-153 Discrimination on account of marital status.
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                                        31-126 Unfair Employment Practices
                                      46a-60 Discriminatory employment practices prohibited.
                                      P.L. 114-95 Every Student Succeeds Act, S.1177-55, 56

Policy adopted:          
November 7, 2017                            

Policy Revised:           
December 20, 2022                                          
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