2134 - Director of Business and Finance

Policy 2134


Director of Business and Finance 

Reports to:                 Superintendent of Schools

Supervises:                 The Director of Business and Finance shall be responsible for the management, operation, supervision, coordination and implementation of the cafeteria, transportation, data processing, purchasing, and financial recordkeeping programs and the staff who work in these programs.

Qualifications:           Certification:  Must possess valid certification as a School Business Manager in Connecticut.

Performance Responsibilities:
  1. Supervises and takes responsibility for the financial business of the district, including handling of all funds, accounting and reporting procedures and long-range planning.    
  2. Administers, through the Director of Operations, the operation of the school plant.
  3. Administers the student transportation program.
  4. Administers the district’s school lunch program.
  5. Acts as advisor to the Superintendent in the preparation of the school budget and establishes a program of budget forecasting and control.
  6. Develops and administers a program for purchasing supplies and equipment.
  7. Assumes responsibility with the Superintendent for the employment, job status and supervision of business office personnel.
  8. Develops in-service training programs for business personnel.
  9. Prepares all bidding documents, including notice to bidders, instruction to bidders, specifications and form of proposal.
  10. Facilitates the work of the district’s auditor in the auditor’s development of the annual financial audit.
  11. Prepares and/or causes to have prepared all required state and federal financial reporting documents.
  12. Administers all grant applications, follow-up, and accounting and/or assists appropriate staff in these functions.
  13. Consults with the Superintendent and other personnel on questions relating to the district’s business and financial concerns and performs additional duties as assigned.
  14. Attend all Board meetings as requested.
  15. Assumes such other functions as may be delegated by the Superintendent of Schools.

Legal Reference:         Connecticut General Statutes

                                    10-145d Certificate necessary to employment

Policy adopted:          
July 30, 2015                                         
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