8-502.2 - Special Education

Policy 8-502.2


The Board of Education shall provide special classes, programs, and services as required by section 10-76(a) through (q) of the general statutes and the regulations of the state department of education for students who are identified as handicapped by a planning and placement team based upon definitions contained in the above statute and regulations.

The superintendent shall establish procedures for identifying exceptional children that conform to the mandates of the statute and regulations and shall provide for the special educational needs of students identified as handicapped through the provision of programs and services (a) by placement within the school system; (b) by placement in cooperative programs maintained by other school districts; or (c) through placement for special education in private schools or in private or public agencies providing special education programs.

Programs in special education provided through district programs or contracts with private schools, agencies, or institutions shall normally be limited to the regular school year. It is recognized that in some instances, as determined by the planning and placement team, the special education needs of handicapped students may require an extended school year.

Parents or other agencies may not unilaterally place children in special classes, special programs, or any private school/agency and receive reimbursement from the Board of Education.

The Board may authorize such other special education programs, services, and classes as it deems feasible for exceptional students for whom provision of special education is not required by law. Such programs, services, and classes shall conform to State Department of Education guidelines and regulations in order that expenditures for such activities may be eligible for reimbursement from State funds.

Reference: CGS 10-76d
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