5121.3 - Academic Dishonesty: Cheating/Plagiarism

Policy 5121.3


Academic Dishonesty: Cheating/Plagiarism

As an academic community, the District will not tolerate academic dishonesty.  Any activity of this nature is in opposition to the goals of the District as a place of learning and is contrary to the values of the schools of the District and the community.  Dishonesty is not merely a private matter between the teacher and student but is a concern to the entire school community.

Cheating, defined as copying another student’s work and claiming it as your own and plagiarism, defined as the use of another person’s original ideas or writing without giving credit to the true author, are both prohibited practices.  Materials taken from electronic sources are covered by this policy.

A student who engages in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to the loss of credit for the work in question, as well as other disciplinary measures. “Due process” must be provided to students accused of cheating.

Each school level (Elementary, Middle, High) will develop guidelines that address violations and procedures. Guidelines will be published in all student/parent handbooks and on the District/school website.

(cf. 5114 - Suspension/Expulsion)
(cf. 5121 - Examination/Grading/Rating)
(cf. 5144 - Discipline/Punishment)

Legal Reference:         Connecticut General Statutes
10-221 Board of education to prescribe rules, policies and procedures.

Policy adopted:  April 2, 2019                                         
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