6146 - Requirements for Graduation

Policy 6146



Requirements for Graduation
In order to graduate from Newtown Public Schools, students must earn a minimum of twenty-five (25) credits in seven (7) areas of the curriculum including a one credit mastery-based assessment, Capstone Project. 

The Newtown Board of Education shall not permit any student to graduate from high school or grant a diploma to any student who has not satisfactorily completed a minimum of twenty five credits, including not fewer than: (1) Nine credits in the humanities, including civics and the arts; (2) nine credits in science, technology,  engineering and mathematics, including computer science; (3) one  credit in physical education and wellness; (4) one credit in health and safety education, as described in section 10-16b; (5) one credit in world languages, subject to the provisions of subsection (h) of this section; and (6) a one-credit mastery-based diploma assessment. At least one credit, which may count toward the requirement described in subdivision (2) of this subsection, shall be in personal financial management.

The Board of Education shall award a high school diploma to any World War II veteran, veteran of the Korean Hostilities, or a Vietnam-era veteran requesting such diploma who left high school for  military service as defined in the statutes.

All courses to satisfy local and statutory requirements in Areas I-VI must be earned between the beginning of grade 9 and end of grade 12.

Students classified as ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade must enroll in a minimum of six courses each semester. Twelfth-grade students must enroll in a minimum of five courses each semester. Only students with a minimum of 15 credits will be designated as a Senior.

Students who earn high school credits in the middle school cannot apply them to required units in Areas I-VI.

Students must attend a minimum of six (6) semesters of high school (grades 9-12) to qualify for graduation.

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Policy adopted: March 5, 2019                                             
Revised: October 17, 2023 
NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                   
Newtown, Connecticut



Requirements for Graduation

Credit Distribution Requirements

Beginning with the Class of 2021, in order to graduate from the Newtown Public Schools, the  following credits must be earned:

Area I English – 4 credits including English I, English II, and a course that includes  American literature
Area II Social Studies – 3 credits including 1 in American Studies or American  History, ½ in American Government, ½ in Economics, ½ in Western Studies and ½  in an Area Studies course
Area III Math – 3 credits
Area IV Science – 3 credits
Area V Physical Education – 1 ½ credits
Area VI Fine and Applied Arts – 1 ½ credits, including ½ credit in Personal Financial  Literacy
Area VII Electives – 6 credits
Area VIII World Language – 1 credit
Area IX Senior Year Experience21 – 1 credit

Beginning with the classes graduating in 2023, the following credits must be earned:

Area I Humanities- 9 credits including civics and the arts 
Area II STEM- 9 credits in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  Area III Physical Education and Wellness- 1 credit 
Area IV Health and Safety Education- 1 credit 
Area V World Language- 1 credit 
Area VI Senior Capstone Project – 1 credit 
Area VII Electives – 3 credits 

Regulation approved: March 5, 2019                                    
Newtown, Connecticut

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