8-304 - Instructional Materials - Student Access

Policy 8-304


Every student in the Newtown public schools will be provided with a copy of the approved textbook(s) and accompanying supplementary materials, where available, in each subject matter area of study in which the student is enrolled.

Whenever a supplementary or multi-textbook approach is used for instruction, a sufficient supply of those books will be made available for students' use should an assignment or special study require their use. It is understood that when a course of study involves a multi-text approach for supplementary information or reference, an individual copy of each book need not be supplied to each student.

Whenever a periodical is to be used to supplement instruction, such as a daily newspaper, special magazine, or current event pamphlet, the student may be requested to pay the subscription fee.

Adopted 9/20/50
Updated 12/12/78,10/10/95
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