6114.1 - Fire Emergency (Drills) Crisis Response Drills/Bus Safety Drills

Policy 6114.1


Fire Emergency (Drills)/Crisis Response Drills/Bus Safety Drills

A fire drill shall be held at least once a month in each school building.  The initial fire drill must be held not later than thirty days after the first day of each school year.  A crisis response drill shall be substituted for one of the required monthly school fire drills every three months.  Each Building Principal shall prepare a definite fire emergency plan, and furnish to all teachers and students information as to route and manner of exit.  Fire drills shall be planned in such a way as to accomplish the evacuation of school buildings in the shortest possible time and in the most efficient and orderly fashion.

The format of the crisis response drill shall be developed in consultation with the appropriate local law enforcement agency.  Further, a representative of the law enforcement agency may supervise and participate in any of the required crisis response drills.  Such drills shall incorporate the basic protocols of lock-in open lockdown, lock-in closed lockdown, evacuation and shelter-in-place responses. The activation and utilization of the Incident Command System shall also be a part of the crisis response drills.

Bus safety drills shall be conducted at least two (2) times during each school year to instruct students in safe riding practices and emergency evacuation. The school principals and the designated school transportation authority will develop schedules and plans to implement the required safety drills. 

Principals shall keep a record of all fire, crisis response and bus safety drills held in their schools, stating the date the drill was held and the time required for the response protocols utilized in the drill.  They shall furnish such reports to the Superintendent or his designate as may from time to time be required.

Local law enforcement and other local public safety officials shall evaluate, score and provide feedback on fire drills and crisis response drills conducted pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 10-231.  The Board of Education shall annually submit reports to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection regarding such fire drills and crisis response drills.

(cf. 5141.6 – Crisis Management Plan)
(cf. 5142 – Student Safety)
(cf. 6114 – Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness)

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
            10-231 Fire drills. (as amended by PA 00-220 and PA 09-131)

Policy adopted: 6/3/2014 (This policy replaces 2-500)

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