1140 - Requests to Distribute Materials

Policy 1140

Community Relations

Requests to Distribute Materials

Printed or electronic materials may be distributed to parents by students as an inexpensive means of mass communications if they meet the following conditions:
  1. The materials must relate to the school, community, local recreational or civic activities.
  2. The materials do not relate to any religious belief or activity, or promote private gain or political position.
  3. The materials do not promote any political party or candidate.
  4. The materials do not relate to advertisements for private organizations or businesses.
  5. The materials do not solicit funds from parents, students and/or staff for non school purposes.
  6. No particular distribution procedure is imposed on the school, staff or students.
  7. The materials do not interrupt the instructional program of the school and comply with overall school purposes and policy.
Requests to distribute materials associated to the budget referendum process will explicitly follow Connecticut Statutes; therefore, information only specifying time, date, location and question will be disseminated through students and the Board of Education.

Requests to distribute materials that are not part of the approved educational program to staff or students shall be submitted to the Superintendent or his or her designee for approval.  The Superintendent’s decision regarding the distribution of materials is final.

Legal Reference:         Connecticut General Statutes

9-369b Explanatory text relating to local questions.

Policy adopted: May 5, 2015                                          
NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Newtown, Connecticut
EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2015

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