8-703 - Performing Fine Arts

Policy 8-703


The Newtown Board of Education acknowledges art, music, home economics, and industrial arts to be integral elements in the schools' comprehensive educational program. In support, the Board endorses a carefully planned developmental curriculum in these areas of instruction for the schools.

Art and Music

Aside from recognition that music and art appreciation help to enrich the quality of human life, an objective for including them in the program of studies is to provide another dimension to challenge the talents of a diverse student body.  Students may  also be given an opportunity to explore career options in these area of instruction.

Instrumental and vocal music instruction are included as part of the music program of studies adapted to the age and school level of the student and made available, as resources permit, provided that participation does not conflict with academic progress as determined by the professional staff of the school.

Instrumental music instruction may be started at the elementary school level, as resources permit, beginning with instruction in string instruments at the fourth grade level and with wind and percussion instrument instruction beginning at the fifth grade level. Should a
fourth grade student have proficiency in a wind or percussion instrument as a result of previous or private study, that student may be considered to participate in the appropriate level of instrumental instruction and participate in the school band.

Life Skills and Technology Education

Life skills and technology education are offered to students at the middle school level, as resources permit, for exploratory purposes and to help them become more selective in their educational program planning at the high school level.  Life skills focuses on the sensitive relationships in human and family development.  Technology education seeks to inter-relate modern industry and technology. Both provide students with many activity- oriented learning experiences. These have impact not only on possible career choices, but in providing some practical competencies for effective home and family management, including consumer-related instruction.

Adopted 1/23/79
Updated 2/5/80, 10/10/95
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