1120 - Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings

Policy 1120

Community Relations

Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings

The regular and special meetings of the Board of Education are open to the public and representatives of the press except that a part of any meeting may be designated an executive session as provided by law.

The Board of Education welcomes participation of interested organizations and individuals. Advance announcement of all regular and special meetings of the Board of Education is made through posting the agenda on the District and Town websites.  A reasonable charge may be made for those persons or organizations requesting advance announcements of meetings and agenda backup materials.

Board meetings are meetings held in public and are not open hearings.  Once the Board moves into regular agenda the public may participate as allowed by the Chairperson and with the following restrictions:
  1. Questions and/or comments are to be restricted to the specific agenda items being discussed, unless otherwise indicated in the agenda;
  2. Questions and/or comments by the public may be restricted by the Board Chairperson;
  3. The Chairperson may, at his/her discretion, curtail public discussion at any time.
Any citizen may appear before the Board to express his/her opinion concerning the educational program of the District.  The school district employs people and may serve students (tuition-paying) who live outside of the town boundaries.  As a public body, interested in hearing from all perspectives, the Board will allow their participation.  The Board encourages members of the public to address complaints concerning individual District personnel through the proper chain of command.  The Board agenda provides opportunities for comments and questions from persons attending the meeting.  Persons wishing to address the Board should give their names and addresses.

(cf. 1312 – Public Complaints)

Legal Reference:         Connecticut General Statutes
                                    1-225 Meetings of government agents to be public.  Recording of votes. Schedule and agenda of meetings to be filed. 
                                     Notice of special meetings. Executive sessions.
                                    1-226 Broadcasting or photographing meetings.
                                    19a-342 Smoking in public meetings in rooms of public building prohibited.
                                    1-227 Mailing of notice of meetings to persons filing written request. Fees.
                                    1-230 Regular meetings to be held pursuant to regulation, ordinance or resolution.
                                    1-232 Conduct of meetings.
                                    1-206 Denial of access to public records or meetings.
                                    10-238 Petition for hearing by board of education.

Policy adopted: July 21, 2016                                                    
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