8-502 - Pupil Services

Policy 8-502


Pupil services are an integral component of the educational program of Newtown public schools. As defined in this policy, pupil services include guidance counseling, special education, psychology, social work, and nursing services. Services provided by these pupil services shall be designed to support the educational progress of students in the Newtown schools. Special education students have specified requirement for pupil
services (see policy 8-503).

A basic level of pupil services shall be available to all students in the Newtown school system. These services shall include:
a. Developing the ongoing capability of the individual students to understand and deal with self, school, and community;
b. Assist individual students in the development of the ability to make informed choices regarding academic programs and careers;
c. Monitor the academic and effective progress of students as they move through the Newtown schools;
d. Provide information and consultation to school staff and parents on students' educational, emotional, social, and health status as they relate to
e. Ensure that all students have required health assessments and immunizations.

For those students experiencing academic and/or behavioral difficulties in school, there shall be available:
a. Assessment of the educational, psychological, health, and social factors relating to the difficulty;
b. Counseling, when appropriate, and related to the educational needs of the student;
c. Consultation with school staff and parents to assist them in developing effective strategies;
d. Referral to school programs or services or outside agencies or individuals where appropriate.

Adopted 3/12/96
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