3281.2 - School Fund Raisers - Crowdfunding

Policy 3281.2

Business/Non-Instructional Operations

School Fund Raisers

Online Fundraising Campaigns - Crowdfunding 

The Newtown Board of Education (Board) believes online fundraising campaigns, including crowdfunding campaigns, may further the interests of the District. Any person or entity acting on behalf of the District and wishing to conduct an online fundraising campaign for the benefit of the District shall begin the process by seeking prior approval from the Superintendent or his/her designee. Money or items raised by an online fundraising campaign will be the property of the District only upon acceptance by the Board, and will be used only in accordance with the terms for which they were given, as agreed to by the Board. 

“Crowdfunding service” means a web-based service used for the solicitation of goods, services and/or money from a large number of people via the Internet. Crowdfunding is considered a form of fundraising.

Any staff, administrators, school-related groups, or members of the public seeking grants or donations on behalf of the school or for the benefit of the school and/or its students should first discuss such request with the building Principal.

Prior to finalization of any grant or donation associated with the school and/or its students, all requests for grants or donations must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee. When the appropriateness of a request is in doubt or if the grant/donation obligates the school to engage in specific actions, obligations or involves the addition of District/school funding, the Superintendent shall refer the request to the Board for final acceptance or rejection. 

Approval of requests shall depend on factors including, but not limited to: 
•    Compatibility with the District’s educational program, mission, vision, core values, and beliefs;
•    Congruence with the District and school goals that positively impact student performance;
•    The District’s instructional priorities;
•    The manner in which donations are collected and distributed by the crowdfunding platform;
•    Equity in funding; and
•    Other factors deemed relevant or appropriate by the District.

If approved, the requestor shall be responsible for preparing all materials and information related to the online fundraising campaign and keeping District administration apprised of the status of the campaign. 

The requestor is responsible for compliance with all state and federal laws and other relevant District policies and procedures. All items and money generated are subject to the same controls and regulations as other District property and shall be deposited or inventoried accordingly. No money raised or items purchased shall be distributed to individual employees.

District employees shall comply with all of the following provisions relating to online solicitations and the use of crowdfunding services for school-related purposes. All property and proceeds received as a result of online fundraising or solicitation as the result of a crowdfunding service become the property of the Board. As a result, no online fundraising may occur except as provided below:
1.The school Principal, subject to the approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee, shall approve all online fundraising activities prior to any employee posting any such fundraising solicitation. 
2. Employees may only use crowdfunding services that send the items or proceeds solicited by the employee directly to the school where he or she is employed.
3. The employee must verify under the crowdfunding services’ terms and conditions that he/she meets all requirements for such solicitation.
4. Any employee seeking to display or post a picture of a District student in conjunction with a fundraising solicitation must secure the written consent of the student’s parents/guardians.
5. If an employee’s proposal is approved by the crowdfunding service, the employee agrees to use the donated materials solely as stated in the employee’s proposal.
6. Any solicitation shall be for educational purposes only. The solicitation of personal items (for example, winter coats, nutritional snacks) shall benefit students directly.
7. Unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee in writing, all goods and/or proceeds received through any online solicitation shall become the property of the Board and not of the individual employees who solicited the item(s) or funds.
8. To the extent an employee solicits any technology or software, the employee shall secure the prior written approval of the Director of Technology or his/her designee prior to any such solicitation.
9. The acceptance of the funds will be presented to the Board of Education for final approval. The Board reserves the right to deny approval of solicitation of any funding or grant application or to refuse acceptance of any funds awarded or donated.
Online Fundraising Campaigns - Crowdfunding

(cf. 1324 – Solicitation of Funds by School Groups, Booster Clubs or Parent Groups)
(cf. 3280 – Gifts, Grant, and Bequests)
(cf. 3281 – School Fund Raisers)

Policy adopted:    November 7, 2017    
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