9-201 Surveys and Research Projects

Policy 9-201

Surveys and Research Projects

Public schools can often serve as a resource for obtaining useful information through the administration of a survey or a well-designed research project to
strengthen and improve the instructional program. There is need to minimize the disruption to the educational process; it is imperative to preserve the school dayfor instruction.

Survey or research project proposals shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools. Each proposal must satisfy the following before the review can be completed to approve or deny the request.
a. Rationale - educational benefit to public education and the Newtown schools
b. Role of school personnel
c. Copy of all materials
d. Time demands from students and staff
e. Financial obligations to the school(s)
f.  Educational or research value to the Newtown schools
g. Parental release forms - privacy/confidentiality
h. Dissemination of results
The research proposal will be submitted by the Superintendent to an appropriate staff member or staff committee for review and recommendation. Whenever the Superintendent is prepared to authorize the project, the Board of Education will be notified prior to implementation.

Copies of authorized projects, and results, will be located at the office of the superintendent. Surveys or research projects that are classroom based and related directly to a part of the approved curriculum must be reviewed and approved by the school principal and the appropriate department chairperson/coordinator or the Assistant Superintendent.

Adopted 4/10/79
Modified 12/12/95
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