6151 - Class Size

Policy 6151


Class Size

The Board of Education believes that appropriate class size is essential to effective teaching and learning, as well as building and sustaining a safe, productive, and inclusive school environment.  The benefits of smaller class sizes are documented in research and can be an effective strategy for improving student performance.  The Board supports appropriate and reasonable class sizes, consistent with the grade level, nature of the subject, students’ needs, staffing, and facilities.  The Superintendent of Schools shall work with the staff in establishing reasonable and equitable class sizes and shall recommend appropriate staffing levels to the Board.

Policy adopted:           December 18, 2018                            NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                Newtown, Connecticut



Class Size

The following should be considered as guidelines when determining the appropriate number of students in a class at each grade level:

Kindergarten:            15-18
Grades 1-4:                18-21
Grades 5-8:                21-25
Grades 9-12:              25-30

The above reflect a “range” of class sizes across grade levels.  Administrators must have the flexibility to make decisions based on a number of important factors that may fluctuate from year to year.

Regulation approved:            December 18, 2018                 NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                Newtown, Connecticut
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