9020.1 - Public Statements - Advocacy

Policy 9020.1

Bylaws of the Board Public Statements


The Board of Education believes that advocacy is a critical part of its activity and an important responsibility of school Board members. Advocacy is engagement in the political process at local, state and national levels to influence the public policies that affect Boards of Education and school children.

Education advocacy requires the Board of Education to publicly state what is needed to achieve effective public education. It is a recognition that the Board of Education has an important message to deliver to all governmental levels, the media and community, that affect educational policy and power to influence outcomes.

Education must be a priority in local, state and national policy and actions. Advocacy is necessitated by the many laws mandated on the school district by the state and federal government as well as regulations promulgated by State and Federal Departments of Education.

In order to communicate what is needed to achieve effective public education, the Board of Education will among things:
  • Work with local PTAs, community groups, staff and community members to build a coalition for effective education advocacy.
  • Use varied available means of communication, such as newsletter, general media, electronic options like websites and email, and public forums to communicate local educational needs on a broad level.
  • Stay engaged at the state and federal level to influence legislation that affects local education issues.

Adopted: 4/10/12
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