3516.33 - Do Not Resuscitate Order

Policy 3516.33

Business/Non-Instructional Operations

Do Not Resuscitate Order

In the event a “Do Not Resuscitate” order is received from a licensed physician for a student in the Newtown Public Schools, the school nursing staff may honor the order providing the following criteria are met: 

1.    A written order from the physician is on file in the student’s health record. 

2.    A D.N.R. bracelet is in place on the student. 

3.    A copy of the “informed consent” form signed by the parent/guardian is on file in the student’s health record. 

4.    A written emergency care plan is in place for the student. 

5.    A registered nurse will be at the school where the student with the D.N.R. bracelet is in attendance. 

Policy adopted:    April 4, 2017    
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