5132 - Students- Dress and Grooming

Policy 5132


Dress and Grooming

Students shall dress in professional clothing appropriate to the school setting. Restrictions on freedom of student dress may be applied whenever the mode of dress in question:

1.         is unsafe either for the student or those around the student;

2.         is counterintuitive to school operations and the education process in general;

3.         is contrary to law.

The administration is encouraged to establish any needed regulations consistent with this policy through cooperative planning with staff, students and parents.

Policy adopted:  July 21, 2016                                                                
Newtown, Connecticut


Dress and Grooming

1.         The administration will take appropriate determination on the newest clothing fads or styles as they pertain to the dress policy.

2.         Students must wear proper and safe footwear.  Any footwear deemed unsafe to the student or others will be prohibited.

3.         Sexually provocative clothing - short shorts, see-through clothing, no shirts, garments designed or worn in such manner as to expose parts of the body constituting what generally is considered immodesty will be prohibited.

4.         Clothing bearing messages that countervail the educational process – profanity, sexual suggestiveness, glorification of the drug/alcohol culture, insignias or other apparel that advertises membership in a gang, messages that incite violence will be prohibited.

5.         Articles that are part of one’s attire but also designed so that they can be used as weapons – rings that simulate brass knuckles, belt buckles with the edges sharpened, nailed or cleated shoes, jewelry obviously designed to inflict injury will be prohibited.

6.         Grooming/apparel or lack thereof that constitute a health concern – long hair that is unbound while a student is operating machinery in a classroom or swimming in the pool, not wearing shoes or wearing heavy outdoor coats in classrooms will be prohibited.

Regulation approved:  July 21, 2016
Newtown, Connecticut
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