3541.23 - Transportation - Bus Contractor

Policy 3541.23

Business/Non-Instructional Operations


Bus Contractor 

Student transportation services shall be provided by private contractors consistent with contractual arrangements as offered by the Board of Education from time to time.

The student transportation services contract shall be determined by public competitive bid and/or negotiation and shall be qualified in all ways as required by Connecticut General Statutes. Bidders shall submit, at the time of the bid, a list and description of vehicles to be used, and shall update this list by August 1st of each school year for approval by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Contracts for transportation approved by the District shall contain, at a minimum, the following provisions:
  1. assurance that the contractor will establish and implement a drug and alcohol testing program that meets federal and state requirements and fulfillment of the required monthly checks pertaining to information provided by the DMV Commissioner regarding the withdrawal, suspension or revocation of the licenses of drivers;
  2. number of buses, including type of vehicles and fleet age, and specifications regarding equipment that is acceptable;
  3. communication equipment required on each bus;
  4. personnel including drivers, dispatchers, supervisors, and such other staff as are required to effectively implement the terms of the contract;
  5. details regarding establishment of routes and schedules, and the method for amendment thereto;
  6. compensation including regular routes, field trips, and extra trips, and the specific means for invoicing services;
  7. requirements for performance, and penalties for nonperformance under the contract;
  8. requirement that the contractor cooperate with the Superintendent or any designee of the Superintendent in following District procedures for the handling of complaints;
  9. insurance requirements; 
  10. declaration that the contractor meets or exceeds all legal requirements to enter into a contract for student transportation services; and
  11. video surveillance as prescribed in policy 5131.111.

School bus evacuation drills shall be conducted twice during each school year. Documentation shall be provided to the Superintendent or designee demonstrating compliance with this requirement.

Contractors shall cooperate with the District with respect to supporting the routing decisions made by the District.

(cf. 3541.22 - Drivers)
(cf. 4212.42 - Drug & Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers)
(cf. 5131.111 – Video Surveillance)

Legal Reference:    Connecticut General Statutes
14-261b Drug and alcohol testing of drivers of certain vehicles, mechanics and forklift operators.
14-276 to 14-279 re: school bus operators et. al.

PA 07-224 An Act Concerning Operator’s Licenses Bearing a School Bus Endorsement.

United States Code, Title 49

2717 Alcohol and controlled substance testing (Omnibus)

Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991

Policy adopted:    April 4, 2017    
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