5122.3 - Assignment of Former Home-Schooled Students to Classes

Policy 5122.3


Assignment of Former Home-Schooled Students to Classes

Placement of resident home-schooled students who seek to be readmitted to the District’s schools will be determined by the Principal who shall consult with members of the professional staff to the extent appropriate. The Principal may direct that a test or tests be administered to help determine grade level. In addition, the Principal is authorized to collect from parents/guardians actual samples of coursework as he/she deems necessary in order to make the determination that the requisite academic standards have been met. The decision of the Principal may be appealed to the Superintendent.

A home-schooled student seeking admission to a District school must meet all residency, age, health examination, immunization and other eligibility prerequisites as mandated by State law and regulations.

Credit approval shall be granted when the student has demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence that he/she has achieved the same level of knowledge or skill as would have been accomplished by successful completion of the District’s course(s) for which credit has been requested.

(cf. 5111 – Admission)
(cf. 5122 – Assigning Students to a Teacher and Classes in Grades K-12)
(cf. 5123 – Promotion/Retention)
(cf. 6146 – Graduation Requirements)

Legal Reference:         Connecticut General Statutes
                                    10-221(b) Boards of education to prescribe rules

Policy adopted: April 2, 2019                                         
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