6153 - Field Trips

Policy 6153


Field Trips

The Board of Education approves the concept of planned educational field trips for students in the Newtown schools. 

When subsidy for educational field trips is not provided in the school budget, such an educational activity may be planned by staff members with students and conducted with participating students sharing in the cost of the trip. If a student is unable to pay his/her share of the trip costs, the building administrator may use available resources, including funds from local organizations, to help defray expenses. 

No educational field trip shall take place during the school year without approval by the building administrator.

It is expected that all educational field trips shall use common carriers or school buses unless otherwise authorized by the principal. 

In order to minimize the cost to students and their families of multi-day field trips that involve specific classes or groups of students, the teaching staff should select locations closest to Connecticut that meet the approved educational objectives of the planned activities. 

This policy statement is not applicable to scheduled bus trips for students who participate in or wish to attend interscholastic athletic events, special music performances, or similar activities. 

Policy adopted:    December 18, 2018  
NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Newtown, Connecticut 

Staff are required to give at least two weeks prior notice of field trips to the school nurse, in order to allow time for the nurse to review updated medical information and to make arrangements for the safe participation of students with disabilities or special health needs.

For the purposes of medication administration on school sponsored trips, field trips shall be categorized as “curricular” and “extracurricular” field trips.  For curricular field trips, the school nurse will prepare necessary medication, equipment and emergency supplies. The nurse will train designated staff in medication administration as needed.  For extra-curricular field trips, the nurse will be available as a resource to staff to aid in planning for student health and safety needs.

Curricular Field Trips: primarily educational trips that enhance students’ understanding of their studies by extending the school experience. (examples: museum trip, nature center, science lab)

Extracurricular Trips: educational, cultural and/or recreational trips that occur outside of the school day and may be organized by approved an extracurricular club, organization or program. Such trips may enhance the educational experience but are not designed as part of the curricular study. (examples: Debate Club, Ski Club)

Regulation approved:    December 18, 2018    
NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Newtown, Connecticut 

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